Ocular Hypertension: 3 Ways A Pool Installation Can Help With Symptoms & Problems

1 March 2017
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Ocular hypertension is the name for increased pressure in your eyes. When this disease is discovered, it can lead to more serious problems like glaucoma if it is left untreated. Along with medications like eye drops, there are a lot of home remedies that can help reduce eye pressure and prevent any additional damage to the nerves in your eyes. Surprisingly, one way to help with this pressure is a swimming pool. Read More 

The 4 Worst Things For Your Pool

11 January 2016
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When it comes to taking care of your pool, you want to do what's best for it. There are a number of things that you know to do with your pool if you're a seasoned pool owner. However, do you know of the few things that you shouldn't do with your pool? There are a number of things that are bad for your pool that you should make sure you are avoiding in order to ensure your pool stays as healthy as possible. Read More 

Installing A Pool? Six Great Reasons To Choose An Above Ground Pool

5 June 2015
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Installing a swimming pool in the backyard is a great way to combine fitness with pleasure for family members of all ages. But even though the decision to install a pool is easy, choosing the best one for your needs is probably not. Pools are available in all sizes and price ranges, which can make the decision to choose the right one seem overwhelming. If you have decided to add a pool to your property but are having trouble choosing the one that best fits your needs, here are six great reasons why opting for an above ground swimming pool could be the best decision for your family. Read More 

Seven Luxury Options For Creating An Inground Swimming Pool Oasis

21 April 2015
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If you've decided to invest in a luxury inground swimming pool, you may be faced with several features. Once you've decided you want high-end features with all the bells and whistles, your pool purchasing contractor may offer suggestions to optimize your backyard oasis. Here are five options that will make your swimming pool a luxury retreat: 1. Salt Water Chlorination Think of a salt water system as a chlorine generator. This type of system will generate its own chlorine, freeing you from the chore of having to add this chemical to the water manually. Read More 

4 Home Spa Upgrades Ideal For Children With ADHD

7 April 2015
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Children with ADHD often need a lot of physical therapy and occupational therapy to help build muscles, relax their body, and function on a daily basis. Along with professional services, extra therapy at home can help a child mend their symptoms. One way to help a child relax and focus is with a home spa and hot tub. While shopping for Cal Spas and other varieties, there are a number of upgrades that you can invest in. Read More