4 Home Spa Upgrades Ideal For Children With ADHD

7 April 2015
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Children with ADHD often need a lot of physical therapy and occupational therapy to help build muscles, relax their body, and function on a daily basis. Along with professional services, extra therapy at home can help a child mend their symptoms. One way to help a child relax and focus is with a home spa and hot tub.

While shopping for Cal Spas and other varieties, there are a number of upgrades that you can invest in. The following four upgrades are all therapeutic and can help treat the more common symptoms of ADHD.

Full Body Jets

Spas from sites like http://www.anchorpools.com with full body jets can offer massage points across the back, arms, and legs. By giving the body full contact, a child with ADHD can relax their muscles. Studies have shown that children can release excess energy through daily massages and the spa jets can provide this access.

When using the jets on your spa, it's good to try out different pressures to find what your child is the most comfortable in. Along with using full body jets, specific jet selection can help focus on one body part at a time.

Music Systems

Whether it's a built-in radio, USB connection, or wireless speakers, some music attached to your hot tub can go a long way to helping a child with ADHD. The rhythms and beats of songs can help a child focus and be more attentive. Relaxing with some light music in a spa can help a child wind down after a long day.

Instead of choosing fast paced music, classical music or light rock can help a child relax even more. With an MP3 connection, you have the ability to create a custom hot tub playlist that the child can use every time they relax in the water.

Aroma Therapy

For many years, essential oils have been recommended for children with ADHD. These oils supply natural ways for a child to relax, soothe, and focus throughout the day. Instead of using a diffuser for the oils, a variety of oils can be purchased as aromatherapy fragrances for the hot tub. When used in the hot tub, the fragrances will get naturally heated and fill the air with steam. A child will naturally breathe and soak in the oils to their body.

A variety of oils available include natural elements like vetiver and frankincense. You can use single oils by themselves or mix them together to make a variety of scents. If your child has a personal therapist, it's a good idea to get recommendations on the best oils for your child's personal condition. The hot tub dealer can teach you the best ways to use the oils because it depends on the exact model that you purchase.

Colored LED Lights

Upgrading your spa to feature LED lights can give a child extra stimulation to focus on while in a hot tub. For example, if you have color-changing lights, a child can focus on the rhythm and patterns that the lights create while changing in the hot tub. Different settings on advanced hot tubs allow you to change the light speed and pattern according to your child's needs. Using the same pattern on a daily basis can help a child have something to focus on without any surprising changes.

Darker lights can also help a child focus at the end of the day. Instead of bright porch lights, the darker lights can set a relaxing mood and reduce the stimulation of other lights.

Work with a hot tub dealer to implement as many of these upgrades as possible. A lot of times, custom changes can be made to models that you like so your needs are accommodated.