Ocular Hypertension: 3 Ways A Pool Installation Can Help With Symptoms & Problems

1 March 2017
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Ocular hypertension is the name for increased pressure in your eyes. When this disease is discovered, it can lead to more serious problems like glaucoma if it is left untreated. Along with medications like eye drops, there are a lot of home remedies that can help reduce eye pressure and prevent any additional damage to the nerves in your eyes. Surprisingly, one way to help with this pressure is a swimming pool. Swimming pools have several advantages, and there are multiple ways that home remedies can be treated in the pool. By learning about different pool features and options, you can help select the best installation and pool type for your home.

Lap Pools

One way to help decrease the pressure in your eyes is to perform low impact exercises on a daily basis. The exercise can help increased blood flow in your body and help reduce the overall pressure on your eyes. When choosing a pool installation for your home, one of your options may be a lap pool. A lap pool provides a current that you can swim against endlessly and get proper exercise from. The current in a lap pool can be increased or decreased daily as needed. When using a lap pool, you can start an exercise routine that is easy to follow. You can even turn off the current and perform a number of different water exercises as needed. Lap pools are typically smaller installations than a full-size pool. This makes it easy to place the lap pool in an ideal location around your home. Lap pool sections can also be added to a full-size, standard pool. This will give you multiple options to choose from when you choose to swim at your home.

Salt Water Pools

If you love to swim, you do not want to head into water that can cause more irritation and damage to your eyes. If your eyes get red and dry from using medicated drops, then you do not want to expose them more damage from chemicals like chlorine. Fortunately, there is a solution for home pools, and one of these options is a salt water pool. Salt water pools use a special filtration system that eliminates the burning chlorine with a more natural and clean substance. This allows you to swim freely without worrying about creating more eye irritation or problems. You can swim for longer periods of time and still enjoy fresh and clean water without the chemicals causing any problems. Pool contractors can help you select the best salt water filter options and educate you on the best ways to keep your pool water clear and fresh.

Heated Pools

Another way to help reduce the eye pressure in your body is by reducing stress as much as possible. Increased stress can increase your eye pressure. Having a place to go and relax every day can make a huge difference when you're trying to decrease pressure in your eyes. This is why it may be a good idea to consider having a heated pool installed. Heated water allows you to lounge, relax your body, and enjoy the comforts of your own home. Along with a heated pool, you may also consider a hot tub spa connected to your pool. The hot massaging bubbles and relaxing location can provide you with even more ways to reduce stress in your body. The heating elements can also be installed with lights that provide extra heat and give you a comfortable location to relax in at night.

A pool contractor can provide you with all different types of swimming pool designs and features to choose from. Selecting your personal options can make a huge difference on your overall eye pressure levels.