Seven Luxury Options For Creating An Inground Swimming Pool Oasis

21 April 2015
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If you've decided to invest in a luxury inground swimming pool, you may be faced with several features. Once you've decided you want high-end features with all the bells and whistles, your pool purchasing contractor may offer suggestions to optimize your backyard oasis. Here are five options that will make your swimming pool a luxury retreat:

1. Salt Water Chlorination

Think of a salt water system as a chlorine generator. This type of system will generate its own chlorine, freeing you from the chore of having to add this chemical to the water manually. Salt water pools with chlorine generators create hypochlorous acid, a natural destroyer of algae and mineral deposits. A salt water system will also save you money in the long run.

An added benefit of a salt water swimming pool is the effect you may notice in your skin. Unlike typical chlorinated swimming pools, a salt water system tends to condition the skin and prevent it from drying out. You may also notice less residue on your skin after swimming in a salt water pool.

2. Rock Formation With Water Slide

A natural rock formation with water slide is great for families with children. If you prefer an alternative to the natural rock formation, consider a slide that is mounted to your pool deck. You may customize your water slide with an independently operated pump system, or use an ordinary garden hose if you prefer. Either way, the water slide should have an epoxy finish to maintain a slick and smooth surface.

3. Pool and Adjoining Spa Combination

Imagine the luxury of having your own backyard swimming pool with an adjoining spa. After enjoying a vigorous swim, you'll have the benefit of soaking in a spa/hot tub to improve circulation and relax tense muscles and joints. Many pool contractors will install the inground swimming pool with attached spa as part of the same landscaping, although construction time may take longer. Consider a system that will utilize the same water supply and filtration.

4. Lighted Waterfall

An LED lighted waterfall will offer the ultimate in aesthetic appeal and relaxation, with cascading water and illumination. By combining lighting accents with your waterfall, you won't need to install a separate lighting system. Available colors are typically blue, red and crystal white. Illumination may be used after dark, while the waterfall effect is constant.

5. Gas or Solar Swimming Pool Heater

This option is ideal for pool use when outdoor temperatures drop below the optimal range. It allows for comfortable swimming during late night or early fall, when it's too chilly for comfort. Solar and gas heaters are popular choices. A solar heater is more economical than gas, although you'll require adequate sunlight for the best results.

6. Automatic Safety Swimming Pool Cover

An automatic cover for your swimming pool is more than an luxury enhancement, it is a safety feature. If you have children and pets, you'll want this protection. The simple operation makes it convenient, as all that's needed to activate the cover is the press of one button.

Your pool contractor can install this option for you when building your pool. It may be custom-fit for most swimming pool designs and materials. Custom colors are often available for special order. The automatic pool cover typically uses an electric motor with hydraulic action.

7. Automatic Pool Cleaner

Maybe you own a robotic vacuum cleaner and notice how effortless it is to vacuum your indoor rugs. An automatic swimming pool cleaner uses the same concept and technology. Rather than vacuum your pool by hand, an automatic system will run by itself, suctioning out dirt and debris. You might want to consider a suction-side automatic pool cleaner or a pressure-side pool cleaner.

With an extended hose and wide cleaning path, the suction-side will rid the swimming pool walls and floor of leaves, debris and grime. The pressure-side model may require an additional booster pump for operation, although it has extra scrubbing power. It typically features an over-sized filter bag for holding large amounts of debris.

As a final thought, consider installing your enhancements at the same time your pool is being built, rather than adding them later. This will save you time and possibly earn you a discount when opting for an all-inclusive deal.