Installing A Pool? Six Great Reasons To Choose An Above Ground Pool

5 June 2015
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Installing a swimming pool in the backyard is a great way to combine fitness with pleasure for family members of all ages. But even though the decision to install a pool is easy, choosing the best one for your needs is probably not. Pools are available in all sizes and price ranges, which can make the decision to choose the right one seem overwhelming. If you have decided to add a pool to your property but are having trouble choosing the one that best fits your needs, here are six great reasons why opting for an above ground swimming pool could be the best decision for your family. 

One: Better Control of the Location

An above ground pool makes it possible to place it in areas where it would be impossible or prohibitively expensive to locate an inground pool. Since there is no need to use heavy equipment, the installation of an above ground pool will not interfere with existing utility lines, fences or nearby structures. In fact, an above ground pool can be installed next to an existing deck, to eliminate or minimize construction of a sunning platform or access point for the pool. 

Two: Fast Track to Pool Fun

Another good reason to choose an above ground pool is time. Inground pools can take months for site excavation and installation to be completed. Opting for an above ground pool means that you can be splashing around in your own swimming pool within days, instead of months.  

Three: No Disruption, No Excavation

The installation of an inground pool often proves to be very disruptive to the family's daily routine. Workmen arrive early each day and use noisy jackhammers and excavation equipment to remove soil and sidewalks from the site. Materials needed for the project take up space once used for play or relaxation. Even worse, mud, dirt and dust from the excavation site create additional cleaning chores for the property owner. Because an above ground pool requires only minimal site preparation, installation is much faster and easier. 

Four: Easier to Control Access

Safety is another reason to opt for an above ground pool. Inground pools are often installed so that the pool apron and the surface of the yard are nearly the same. This means that children and pets can easily fall into the pool. The rigid sides of the above ground pool create a barrier that prevents this type of accident from happening. Remember, however, that all types of pools should be fenced and gated for safety. Before installing any pool, always check with your local municipality to ensure that you abide by all safety regulations for your area. 

Five: Easier to Remove

Children grow up, plans change and people move on, but an inground pool isn't easy to remove. An above ground pool can be dismantled in a matter of hours, then sold or moved to another location. Inground pools require additional excavation to remove them, then dirt must be hauled in and major landscaping work done to repair the installation site. Dismantling an above ground pool takes only a few hours and only minor landscaping repairs are necessary, such as applying a layer of topsoil and planting grass seed to return the lawn to its former state. 

Six: May Save You Money

Depending on applicable property tax rules in your area, you may find that the installation of an inground pool causes your property taxes to go up significantly because they are a permanent improvement. Above ground pools are temporary structures instead of permanent improvements, and are therefore less apt to cause a raise in your tax bill. Remember to check with your local taxing authorities before installing any type of pool. 

Above ground pools come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Before making a final decision on the best one for your family, take time to learn more about above ground pool kits and the ease with which they can be installed. Then get ready to enjoy summer in the cool comfort of your own swimming pool. For more information, contact a local pool company like Hallmark Pool Supplies