3 Ways A Pool Service Maintains Water Quality And Pool Cleanliness

9 August 2023
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If you have trouble keeping your pool clean or you feel uncomfortable with balancing the water chemistry, consider using a pool service. They can come to your home at the frequency you choose to keep your pool clean and the water sanitary. These are three important services they provide.

1. Scrubbing The Sides Of The Pool

A swimming pool gradually forms a ring on the sides at the level of the water in the same way a bathtub gets a ring. Instead of being made of soap scum, the swimming pool ring is made up of body oils, sunscreen and tanning products, and insects and small debris that get stuck in the oil. This makes the sides of the pool feel slick and look unattractive.

The pool service can use a brush with a long handle to clean the sides of the pool, especially the area near the top of the water that forms a visible ring, to get the walls clean. This should be done often, or the slick debris will build up. Keep this in mind when determining the frequency of your pool service. If you only want your pool cleaned once or twice a month, you'll probably need to scrub the walls yourself between visits from the pool cleaning company.

2. Maintaining Water Quality

Keeping the water clear and balancing chemicals are two important aspects of pool service. Keeping the walls and floor of the pool clean and free of debris helps maintain water quality. Also, skimming with a net is important. The pool cleaner does this by using a net on a long pole to lift out leaves and other debris that float on top of the water or that are worked loose from the bottom of the pool.

Adjusting pool chemicals is an important service too, so the water stays sanitary. The pool cleaner checks the chemicals with a test kit to measure pH, alkalinity, dissolved solids, hardness, and chlorine level. If any of these are too high or too low, chemicals are added to bring them back to the normal range.

The pool service can refer to charts that let them know how much of a chemical to add based on the size of your pool and how far out of balance the chemicals are. In some cases, they may need to shock your pool to sanitize it. This involves adding pool shock chemicals and then testing the water after several hours.

3. Checking For Problems

As the pool service cleans the pool, they check for signs of problems so you know about them as soon as possible. They'll check for cracks, leaks in pipes, and the proper functioning of the pump, skimmer, and filter. They'll notify you if repairs are needed so you can schedule them as soon as possible. By having your pool checked for problems, cleaned, and balanced regularly, you can feel confident your pool is safe for your family when you're ready for an afternoon swim or pool party.

For more information, contact a pool service near you.