How To Pinpoint A Leak In Your Pool

14 June 2023
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While a backyard swimming pool can be quite a luxury, there may come a time when it springs a leak and the water level drops. It's crucial that you act quickly to find the leak because you'll waste a lot of water, mess up the pool water's chemistry, and potentially flood a nearby basement. Here are a few ways that you can find a leak.

Perform A Water Loss Analysis

The first step you can take is to perform a water loss analysis. This is done by placing a bucket filled with water next to your pool, then marking the water level in the bucket. You'll then want to mark the water levels on the pool wall at the same time. Wait a day or two and compare the water levels.

Even though the pool and bucket are vastly different sizes, they should lose the same amount of water each due to evaporation. If the pool's water level is below the water level in the bucket, you know you have a leak in the pool. 

Inspect The Plumbing And Equipment

While it's possible that you have a leak in the liner or shell of your pool, it's also possible that the leak is due to the plumbing or equipment. All it takes is a loose fitting or a damaged pump for water to escape from the pool as it travels through the filter. Look for evidence of a leak around all the equipment since that could be the cause of the dropping water levels.

Perform A Dye Test

Another technique that can detect a leak is called a dye test. This involves placing a visible liquid in the water where you suspect there is a leak, and then watching where it travels. The liquid will flow toward the leak and identify where the water is escaping. Unfortunately, this only works if you have a general idea of where the leak is. Simply placing food coloring in the center of the pool won't do much good to find the leak.

Use Thermal Imaging 

It's possible to find a leak by using thermal imaging. This is done by scanning the pool water in dark conditions and looking for temperature variations in the water. This may be able to direct you toward the location of the leak so that it can be fixed.

Reach out to a professional leak detection service if you're having trouble finding your pool's leak. For more information on pool leak detection, contact a professional near you.