Tips To Achieve A Clean Pool

28 April 2023
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It's becoming pool weather season, and it's going to be that time of year again when you have to clean your pool. This weekly chore may not be something that everyone looks forward to doing, but if you want a clean pool to swim in, it's necessary. Hiring a pool cleaning service is something you can do to achieve the clean and clear pool you desire without having to actually do the work yourself. If this is something you'd rather tackle on your own, read on for some tips to help you.

Skim The Surface Often

Skim the surface of your pool often by using a skimmer net. You can run the skimmer net across the pool surface to clear out bugs and other debris before it settles to the bottom of the pool floor, which would accumulate and create a dirty look in your pool. Skim the surface daily with the skimmer net or use your skimmer on your filter to help clear out the bugs and debris. If you aren't keen on running your filter too often, you may need to skim the pool surface more often to capture the debris before it settles. If you decide to use the pool skimmer on the filter all of the time, you need to be sure you remove the skimmer basket to empty the dead bugs and to prevent your pool filter from overheating, as the excess in the basket will not allow water to get to the filter. Check the skimmer basket daily and empty it often.

Vacuum The Pool Floor

There are going to be some particles that are missed, and things will eventually settle on the pool floor, which is why you need to vacuum the pool floor. Use a pool vacuum to vacuum the bottom of the pool floor. The pool vacuum can be used to suck up things such as bugs, debris, dirt, and leaves from the bottom. Vacuuming should be done at least once per week, or more often if you get a lot of debris in your pool. Move the vacuum slowly to capture the debris, rather than simply moving it around and stirring it up.

Add Pool Chemicals

Add chemicals to your pool to make the water safe for swimming, and only ever use pool chemicals, not bleach or other things that you think will clean your water. Using a pool water testing kit will help determine what chemicals need to be added to the water to make it safe and clean. If you are in doubt, you can take a water sample to your local swimming pool supply store to see if they can test your water.

If you struggle to keep your pool clean and clear, use the tips above to help guide you. If you are still having a difficult time, hire a professional pool cleaning service to clean your pool for you.