How To Save Money On Spa Services: Dealing With Maintenance And Repairs Before They Become Problems

6 December 2021
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Maintenance is the key to having a hot tub or spa last. You may want to save some cash initially, but if you don't maintain it correctly, repairs can quickly add up to cost you more in the long run. It might be hard to imagine saving money on hot tub and spa services considering their high costs upfront, but by focusing on maintenance, you can have a healthier experience for less. The following information can help you save on the upkeep of your spa:

Keeping Spas Clean

Keeping your spa clean is not a hard job at all. However, if you don't want to spend all of your time cleaning it, you'll want to learn the proper steps for keeping it looking new. A lot of people use the spa every day and don't even realize how much dirt has built up in the water. General hot tub cleaning tasks include:

  • Treating Your Spas Surface-- You should always try and apply some sort of cleaner on the surface of your hot tub once a week or so. You can use a cleaner that neutralizes the acids that have formed on the surface of your hot tub, or you can use a cleaner that is specifically formulated for hot tubs. Either way, you will want to try and avoid using normal household cleaners on the outside of your hot tub, as they may cause damage to the varnish or shellac coating.
  • Cleaning the Water-- You will also want to keep the water in your hot tub clean. The easiest solution is to test it for various chemicals like chlorine, test the pH balance, and check the calcium buildup. If any of these levels are off, then you will need to make an adjustment with your chemicals until it is back to normal.

In addition to the regular cleaning, there are other tasks that will need to be done as part of the maintenance for your spa.

Regular Maintenance Routines for Spas 

Even if you have a small spa, you should be draining and refilling it at least every season. This will keep debris from causing problems. Also, check to make sure that no one has put anything in your spa like a leaf or toy that could possibly damage the pump.

Once a month, you should use a cleaner to keep your water clear and sparkling. You should also vacuum the walls of your spa once a month as well which will help keep it clear of debris. If you have hard water spots on the bottom of your spa, there are products available at most stores that will easily take them off, so they won't show up when people are using the spa. Be sure to scrub the bottom as well so it doesn't look dull.

You also want to make sure that your jets are free from any hair or fibers that might be wrapped around them. You might also flush the filter regularly to make sure the spa is free of debris.

If you are planning to invest in a hot tub, contact a spa service to discuss the options to make your spa low-cost.