Steps To Easy At-Home Pool Maintenance

23 September 2021
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While your pool may occasionally need professional maintenance, there are also several things you can do at home to keep it clean, fresh, and working well. Here are some steps to easy at-home pool maintenance.

1. Clean Pool Filters

First of all, you need to make sure the apparatus that filters the pool water stays in good working order. The most important way to do this during the pool season is by taking care of the pool filters. You'll need to make sure you know what type of filters your pool has so you can care for them properly. Then, simply remove the filter, clean it according to what type of filter it is, and replace it. Keep in mind that some types of filters may need cleaning more often than others.

2. Remove Debris

When leaves and other types of debris fall onto the surface of the pool, you can use a pool skimmer to remove them. To keep debris off the pool between uses, you can use either a net or a full-on pool cover. Different types of covers are available, including some with safety features. Make sure you choose a certified safe pool cover to keep people and pets safe around your pool.

You can also use a special vacuum to remove debris from the bottom of the pool. Since some types of debris sink rather than floating, this can be an important part of keeping your pool clean.

3. Consider a Pool-Cleaning Robot

A pool-cleaning robot can help remove any debris from the bottom of the pool as well as helping to scrub the walls of the pool. If you have a good pool-cleaning robot, you may not need professional pool maintenance services as often. However, you may still need the occasional professional cleaning, since robots still aren't perfect.

4. Double-Check Safety Features

Your pool should have features such as a safety cover and a safety fence, but both of these safety features could become damaged or deteriorate over time. So be sure to inspect them from time to time in case of obvious damage, in addition to having them and the rest of the pool area inspected for safety each time your pool maintenance contractors visit.

You may also have sensors or alarms installed for added pool safety. You'll need to periodically check that these are in working order and not running low on battery.

These tips will help you keep your pool safe and in working order in between professional cleanings or maintenance visits. If you think your pool needs a professional service visit, contact your local pool maintenance contractor today.