Pool Construction Design Ideas For Contemporary Architecture And Limited Space

24 June 2021
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If your home has a contemporary design and you are planning on adding a pool, you want it to be modern. There may also be other specific needs that you need to consider for your pool, such as adapting it to the available space. The following pool design ideas will help blend your pool in with modern design:

Narrower Designs With Straight Lines

You may only have a small space where you can install your pool. Therefore, narrower pool designs may be the best option. Today, there are a lot of modern compact designs that can improve the appearance of your pool. These narrow designs are usually rectangular and can be the length of an Olympic-sized pool or half-length if you want to have a lap pool design. 

Contemporary Glass Features for Pools

Another feature that you may want for a modern pool design is glass. There are many different ways to integrate glass features into the design of your pool. These can be specially designed window features that may include a side or section have a clear view of people swimming. This can also be done with glass bricks if you want to use lighting to create unique reflections. Glass can also be used for design features like waterfalls.

Elevated Curbing for a Modern Pool Design

If you want to have a more modern look for your pool, there are also options for elevated designs. This can easily be done with custom pool construction. The elevated pool walls will reduce the amount of excavation needed and give you more options for the pool deck surface. For example, you could use tropical hardwood decking. It can also allow you to install plumbing on the surface, which is easier to repair and service if something breaks.

Wrap-Around Pool Designs to Fit Available Space

Sometimes, you may have space, but structures like your house or hardscaping could be in the way. Therefore, you may want to consider a wrap-around design for your pool. These designs are usually more modern and can wrap around your home or outdoor spaces to fit your pool where there is enough room. This can also be a great contemporary design if you want to have a portion of your pool covered or enclosed.

Custom pool construction will give you options like narrow designs and other features that work well with contemporary architecture. Contact a pool construction service to discuss some of these options for the design of your new pool.