Improving Your Home With an Above-Ground Pool

24 February 2021
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The installation of an above-ground swimming pool can be an investment in your property that can have long-lasting benefits. In addition to making the property more valuable, this upgrade can also be a source of endless hours of entertainment and exercise for your family. Due to the large size and unique needs of an above-ground swimming pool, homeowners should be prepared for this upgrade before they invest the money into having the new pool installed.

Check the Ground's Stability

The ground beneath your new pool will need to be stable enough to be able to support the immense weight of the water in the pool. If the soil is unstable, it could potentially lead to the pool shifting positions and suffering damage. A soil stability test will allow you to verify that the ground will be capable of supporting the weight of the pool so that this can be avoided. If the soil is found to be too unstable to support the weight of the pool, there are options for stabilizing it. In addition to soil grouting, you may also be able to lay a larger foundation for the pool as this can distribute its weight over a larger area.

Consider Adding a Deck

To help make your above-ground pool easier to access, you can choose to install a deck. This will allow you to avoid the need to climb a ladder each time that you are wanting to get into the pool. Additionally, it can provide a convenient and comfortable area for sunbathing, cooking out, or engaging in other activities near the pool. If you decide to add a deck to the area near your pool, it is important to make sure that this deck is built so that it will not lean against the pool or use it for support.

Protect the Pool From Seasonal Weather Changes

Seasonal weather changes can be another common threat for swimming pools. The winter months can bring temperatures that are cold enough to freeze the water that is in the pool of the pumping components. If this occurs, the water can expand enough in size to rupture these components. To protect your pool from this risk, it should be drained and the pump should be winterized. Unfortunately, failing to do this could result in major damage to the pool as well as the landscaping due to large amounts of pool water rapidly being released into the yard.

If you're ready to upgrade your backyard, contact above-ground pool installation companies.