Three Reasons To Use A Locking Hot Tub Cover

2 February 2021
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When you shop for a hot tub, much of your focus will be on the size of the tub, the features that it offers, and the purchase price. While these things are all important to assess, you should also give some thought to the hot tub's cover. Different models have different covers, and one style that you'll often come across is a locking cover. Depending on the manufacturer, the manner in which the cover locks into place can differ. Some covers have a bar that extends over the top of the cover and locks onto the sides of the hot tub, for example. Here are some reasons that you should buy a unit that has a locking cover.

It May Provide Better Heat Retention

A locking hot tub cover does a good job of pulling the cover firmly against the frame of the hot tub — something that is instrumental in heat retention. If you have a loose-fitting cover, heat from the water can escape. This can result in you having to run the hot tub's heater longer to bring the water up to your desired temperature. Doing so will unnecessarily increase your home's utility bills. With a locking cover in place, you can be confident that the water inside of the tub will stay as hot as you want it to be.

It's Important For Safety

You want to make it impossible for a child to get into the hot tub without you knowing. If you have kids — or you have neighbors who have children — they might be intrigued about your hot tub enough that they try to get in it when you aren't paying attention. This, of course, could be a safety hazard. A locking mechanism on the cover will be instrumental in preventing this type of access to your hot tub.

It Can Keep The Water Cleaner

Because a locking hot tub cover provides a tighter seal than a looser-fitting cover, it can be instrumental in keeping the water inside of the unit clean. While you might not initially think about the cleanliness of the water, sand and dirt can get through the gap between a loose-fitting cover and the top of the hot tub frame, making the water dirty. This is especially a concern if you get a lot of wind in your yard. If you find that your patio or deck often gets a layer of dirt and sand on it after windy conditions, you'll want a locking cover to keep the sand and dirt from getting into the hot tub.

Keep the cover in mind while looking for hot tubs.