Tips For Getting Pool Care Services

30 June 2020
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There are currently more than 10 million residential pools in the United States. If you're a homeowner that has one, getting pool care service will be integral. Keeping the pool spotless helps ensure that you'll stay healthy and your pool will keep its value. Here are a few tips you should know about pool care services. 

Make sure that the pool floor and walls are kept as spotless as possible

Pools build up a lot of dirt, oil, and algae over several uses. This makes the pool look ineffectual and also leads to more water contamination. The buildup that happens is nothing that a good scrubbing and the application of professional-grade products can't fix. 

Pool service professionals can also freshen up and protect your paint, while also preventing the development of mold or any harmful bacteria. Cleaning a pool can cost you between about $60 per hour and $90 per hour.

Test the water quality to make sure it isn't contaminated

Getting your swimming pool water inspected and tested is essential as well. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) stresses the importance of keeping your water clean so that you and your guests don't experience recreational water illnesses (RWIs). Clean water that is tested and changed regularly should be free of bacteria and parasites that can cause diseases. 

Testing your pool water can cost you between about $500 and $800 and should be done a few times throughout the season. You can take samples of your own a few times per week to make certain that you're also keeping the pH levels balanced and that your water isn't too harsh. Water that isn't properly chlorinated won't be up to health and safety codes, while water that is too chlorinated will burn people's eyes and can be irritating to the skin. 

Take time to also fish out any debris so that swimming remains a pleasant experience and so that you don't let it clog your draining system. 

Invest in a cover to protect your pool

Covering the pool when it isn't in use is also vital. Invest in a custom cover that is airtight and effective. This keeps out debris. You should cover the pool after each use, when it rains, and between seasons. One of the largest benefits of a pool cover is that it prevents evaporation, so you won't need to refill the pool as often.

These tips will help you out when you need swimming pool service.