5 Easy Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Pool Looking Great

21 February 2019
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Having a pool does require a little bit of work. However, having a pool doesn't have to feel overwhelming if you do a good job keeping up with regular maintenance on the pool. Here are a few regular tasks you should engage in if you own a pool in order to keep it in great condition.

#1 Skim the Surface

Skimming the surface of your pool should be a part of your daily routine. Take a walk outside every day, and when you get to the pool area, pick up the skimmer and remove all leaves and debris from your pool. Making skimming the surface of your pool part of your daily routine will keep your pool looking great, will allow you to keep a close eye on your pool, and is a nice addition to your exercise routine.

#2 Vacuum the Bottom

Next, when you can, invest in a vacuum for your pool. A pool vacuum will clean the bottom of your pool and remove all the debris that floats to the bottom of your pool. You don't need to invest in the highest price model; a middle of the road pool vacuum will do more than a good enough job.

#3 Scrub Away

Occasionally, you need to scrub the sides of your pool clean. This doesn't need to be done daily; however, it is something you should do about twice a month. Cleaning twice a month will help remove any buildup from the edges of your pool and will make it easier to keep clean. If you scrub more often, it will be easier and require less energy to scrub the edges of the pool.

#4 Check on that Filter

You need to check on the filter. You need to make sure the filter stays clean. The filter is a backup method that will help keep your pool clean; however, it can only do its job if you clean out the filter basket on a regular basis. You should remove the filter basket and clean it out on a weekly basis.

#5 Clean Out the Filter Pipes

Finally, you should also clean out the pipes that feed into your filter. You can clean out the pipes that feed into your filter by backwashing the system. This will allow the pipes to flush themselves.

Taking care of your pool is about establishing regular daily habits that all lead to keeping your pool clean. You need to skim your pool on a daily basis, use a vacuum to keep the bottom of your pool clean, scrub away the buildup on the side of the pool at least twice a week, clean out the filter, and backwash the filter pipes at least once a month

If you still experience problems with your pool or need help with maintenance, contact a local swimming pool repair company.