Are You Adding Drama To Your Back Yard Design?

28 October 2018
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Do you love spending time outdoors? Perhaps you are one of those people who loves to garden and who loves to entertain friends and family in your own back yard. If you have decided to add drama to your back yard design so that it will be ready for next spring and next summer, from arranging for a swimming pool to be constructed to adding an extended patio, here are some ideas that might help you to design the kind of unique and dramatic back yard that would be worthy of appearing in a gardening magazine. 

A Swimming Pool - What in the world could add more drama to your back yard than having a swimming pool as part of your landscaping? And, whether you have children or grandchildren, having a swimming pool in your back yard would provide hours of total fun and memories in the making. Have you decided what kind of a swimming pool you want? If you aren't sure, consider getting suggestions from the contractor who will be in charge of the pool installation. He or she will more than likely have a portfolio of pools the company has installed in the past. If you have your own idea, or perhaps a picture from a magazine or an advertisement, that you think will work, the swimming pool consultant will have the experience to tell you if that design will work well in your back yard. He or she might fine tune your design, perhaps adding a hot tub that is linked to the pool. A pool service, like Elite Pools, can help.

An Extended Patio - If you don't have a patio at the present time, consider adding one to your back yard. If you do have one, but it is too small for entertaining large groups, consider extending the existing patio. If you do decide to do that, you don't even have to eliminate the floor of the existing patio. Instead, consider adding interest to the patio floor by choosing a contrasting material for the extension. For example, if your existing patio floor is constructed of flagstones, think about making the additional area out of bricks or faux painted concrete. When you are planning the patio furniture, consider how the patio will be used. For example, if you will host seated dinners, you might want to buy a long table and use benches which might give you additional seating space. If you will be using the patio for things like simply relaxing or reading, think about adding a hanging hammock to the patio.