How To Install A Beaded Pool Liner In Above-Ground Pools

3 August 2017
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When you install an above-ground pool, you may not think a liner is necessary, but it prevents water from leaking, and they make the pool last longer. You can choose from two kinds of beaded pool liners: the traditional liner and "V' liner. The traditional liner installs on a track and the "V" snaps on the pool edge with inserted tubes. You should be able to install either of these by following these tips.

Gather Supplies

For this project, you need to gather:

  • an assistant
  • garden hose
  • screwdriver
  • knife
  • pool vacuum
  • shovel
  • push broom
  • scissors
  • sand or dirt
  • cardboard
  • duct tape
  • beaded pool liner

Install the liner on non-windy days with a temperature of at least 75 degrees F. Measure the circumference of your pool to ensure you have one that fits, as most companies don't exchange open boxes. Open the pool liner package, and unroll the liner with your assistant, and let it lay in the sun for half an hour to one hour to remove wrinkles. 

Prepare the Pool Bottom

Drain the water from the pool, and be aware the pool will sag with no water. If applicable, use scissors to cut off the old liner; leaving some of the liner on the edges. Remove rocks and debris from the pool bottom. Vacuum debris from the pool, and sprinkle a layer of sand on the bottom to flatten it. 

As an alternative to sand, place floor padding at the bottom to keep rocks or sticks from poking, and it reduces footprints. In addition to foam at the bottom, install wall foam to prevent rust and stains on the liner.

Install the Liner

Cut cardboard to fit two inches wider than the pool skimmer opening, and tape it over the edges. Insert the hose of the vacuum at least eight inches above the skimmer return hole, and tape the hose to the wall.

Grab one end of the liner while you resistant grabs the other end, the carefully set the liner on the bottom, aligning the seams with the corners of the pool. To install a "V" liner, attach it to the pool edges, then press the tubes on top of it.

Press standard beaded liners over the track into the grooves. If the beads install properly, you should hear a click. Use the vacuum to remove air from the liner, and press on the corners of the liner with the broom to smooth wrinkles. You don't need to get the liner in perfect alignment, but keep it as flat a possible. 

Secure the skimmer to the pool wall with the screwdriver and provided screws. Refill the pool, and periodically check to keep beads from popping out. Once the water reaches two feet, trim the liner to fit around the skimmer and return holes.

Check with a company like Paragon Pools for more information.