4 Features That Will Add To Your Custom Swimming Pool Design

25 July 2017
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Designing a custom swimming pool lets you create a truly unique pool that has everything you want. In order to design the perfect custom swimming pool, you have to know what features can be incorporated into pools. If you're designing a swimming pool, here are some features you might want to include.

A Tanning Ledge

A tanning ledge, or baja shelf, is a large shallow area that's used for relaxing. They vary in depth from just a few inches to over 1 foot. They're usually big enough for a couple of beach chairs and an umbrella.

Tanning ledges are perfect for sunbathing, hence their name. Grab a beverage or book, and have a seat in the chair to relax. You don't have to change into a swimsuit since they're only a few inches deep. At the same time, there's water right below you that you can dip a toe in if you become too hot.

Along with being popular among sunbathers, tanning ledges are also used by swimmers who are young or old. They're a great place for young children to play in the water (supervised, of course), and they make it easy for elderly individuals to get into the water.

A Hot Tub

A hot tub provides another place, albeit a very different place, to relax. Hot tubs are loved by many for their warm, bubbling water that's great for sore muscles or cooler nights.

There are two ways to incorporate a hot tub into your custom pool design. A hot tub can either have water flow from the tub into the pool, in which case the hot tub is often slightly higher than the pool and directly adjacent to it. Alternatively, a hot tub can use a completely separate water system but be close to your pool. In this setup, a hot tub is usually installed somewhere on the patio that surrounds a pool.

As an added benefit, installing a hot tub near your pool will let you enjoy the space more during the cooler months of spring and fall. You'll be able to open the hot tub before you can go in the pool's water, and you'll be able to keep the hot tub open later in the season than the pool. Although you can't do laps in a hot tub, you'll be able to enjoy the surrounding environment that you've created.

Colored Lights

Lights can be put in swimming pools fairly easily, especially if they're added during the initial construction of a pool. Additionally, your light choices aren't limited to just white lights. Colored lights are also available for pools.

There are several reasons to add colored lights to your pool:

  • They'll give your pool style that few pools have
  • They'll illuminate your pool so you can enjoy it at night
  • They'll look great from underwater
  • They'll enhance any other features you have in your pool

When considering colored lights, think about getting lights that can change. Changing lights can be synchronized with music for the ultimate stylistic effect.

A Water Slide and Diving Board

Water slides and diving boards are classic pool features -- and for good reason. They're inexpensive and don't require electricity to operate. Most importantly, they're a lot of fun to use.

Kids especially love these features. If you have kids, strongly consider including a water slight and diving board in your pool design. Even if your children are grown and have their own families, you might want to install a slide and diving board for grandkids to use when they visit. The two features will likely be a highlight of their visits.