Hot Stuff: Summer Safety Tips For Your Fire Pit

28 June 2017
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Is there anything better than spending a summer evening outside? This is made even more enjoyable when you have a fire pit or chimenea in your yard. Before you fire one up, make sure that you know how to keep it safe.

Position your fire pit thoughtfully. Make sure that you ground your fire pit on a level surface, and never put it on a deck or on grass. Keep it at least ten-feet away from overhanging trees, plants, and buildings- especially your home! Take time to surround the fire pit with a non-combustible border, such as gravel or bricks.

Watch what you wear. Be aware of what you are wearing when lighting and enjoying your fire pit. Don't risk wearing loose or draping clothing near the fire, and make sure that your apparel is non-flammable to be safe.

Be prepared. Screens are effective at preventing sparks from straying and igniting fires outside the pit, so make sure to use one. Also, keep your garden hose and a bucket of sand close to put out any flare-ups that might occur during use. If your fire pit uses gas, make sure to turn off the gas before you put out the fire.  

Be careful where you sit. Arrange the seating or chairs so that it is easy to get up and move around, without the danger of getting too close to the fire. Use heavier outdoor furniture to deter visitors and friends from moving them closer to the fire pit than is safe.

Use the right wood. It is smart to use only wood that has been seasoned and that is dry. Construction materials, plywood, and composites can emit toxic fumes when ignited, and soft wood tends to send more sparks into the air when burned. Aim for logs that are less than ¾ the width of your pit.  

Don't use it to burn trash. It may seem like a good idea to burn unwanted trash in your fire pit, but don't. Burning garbage and debris can cause sparks to fly, which presents additional risks.

Skip fires in windy weather. Never attempt to light your fire pit in windy weather. It is simply too dangerous.

Keep a close-eye. Do you know where the kids are? Keep an eye on children and pets whenever a fire pit is being used. Never- I repeat- never leave your fire unattended.

Use these tips to stay safe when you use your fire pit this summer. Talk to home improvement and hardware vendors about the best types of outdoor fire pits, stoves, or chimeneas for your property.