Hot Tub Repairs To Deal With Failing Motors And Heaters

17 May 2021
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The biggest hot tub repairs that you may need to have done are replacing a heater or motor. Sometimes, these problems can be solved with simpler, less costly repairs if they are caught in time. Therefore, you want to know what issues to look for when you have a spa motor or heater problem. The following information will help you find the issues that are causing the heater or motor to not work:

Reduced Flow Rate

The flow of water coming from the jets may be one of the first issues that you have to deal with. There are several issues that could reduce the flow rate coming from the jets. Sometimes, the issue could be due to a dirty pump or the turbine being damaged. It can also be due to problems with the jet plumbing connections or the pump motor. A hot tub service will be able to diagnose these issues to get the flow rate where it should be.

Water Not Hot Enough

Sometimes, the heater may not keep the water in your hot tub warm or takes too long to heat up. This is a common problem with electric heaters, which take much longer to heat up than gas. If the heater is taking too long, though, you may need to have it cleaned or a part replaced. If you have an electric heater for your hot tub, you may want to consider a gas system to improve the system and reduce the amount of energy your hot tub uses.

No Water Flow From Jets

The jets may be another area where you have problems with your hot tub. Several issues can cause no water to come from the jets. Usually, this is due to the pump completely failing or issues with the filter causing errors. When the hot tub detects a problem, it will shut the motor off and display an error message to prevent further damage to the equipment. A hot tub repair service can check the systems, clean equipment, and replace the pump if it needs to be replaced.

No Power to the Hot Tub

Sometimes, the problem with your hot tub may be due to power. There are various issues with the spa electrical system that could cause it to not have power. You will want to check the main circuit breaker before checking the hot tub. Check any safety relays that may have been tripped and need to be reset before calling the hot tub repair service. The repair service can check the control panel, circuit boards, and wiring of your spa to diagnose and repair the problem.

It is important to catch these issues with hot tub motors and heaters before repairing them becomes costlier. Contact a hot tub repair service for help solving these issues before they get any worse.